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I Want to start over.

Swim in dought.

I wana start over with everything I have allready began. I wana beat the shit out of myself for being so...me. I want to forget everything thats been said. Everything thats been done and start over from the begining. I dont ever want to look back and never be afraid to show my feelings when I am the weakest. Or the strongest. I want to live forever and be the coolest kid on Earth.

Im the girl that you see on the side of the road that you dont even give a second look at. I am ugly, but I am beautiful.
Im age 20 plus 7 and from Kentucky Im In-love, but I try not to show it that much. I love everything about life and I thank God for every second he has givin me. And I thank him for this second chance at life. I have Cystic Fibrosis and recived a double lung transplant December 18th 2004. I thank the doners family and pray for them often. And I thank God there is ppl out there who cares enough to donate there sons/daughters organs to someone to give them that second chance.

I wana be a good person. I wana do whats right. I wana be someone. I wana live how God wants me too. I wana be normal. I wana love you forever. I want you to love me forever. I want to know who's lungs I have inside of me. I want to brightin up someones day. I wana kiss you. I wana be with you forever. I want you to know im here. ....

I'll always be here

*~ThiS JoUrNal Is FrIendS OnLy..~*
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Whisper to me, say "you'll never forget"
could you break my heart a little more?
Shove my body up against yours and kiss me like you mean it
anything worth a taste burns as it goes down.
Could you tell me I'm so Audrey Hepburn when
my hair falls to the side?
and say "Girl, I'm not here to love you tender,
I'm just here for the ride."
Let's blind ourselves by love
and be deaf to all who say it's fatal.
It's not that we don't know,
it's just that we don't care

Everyday I look foward to getting older. To where my hair falls out and I get wrinkles in my hands and face. Where my tits sag to the ground and I cant go 8 hours without a nap. I look foward to where everything is offencive and I can give children advice about how when I was little. I look foward to when my back goes out on me and I forget things really easy. I look foward to not being able to drive and my hair turning gray. I look foward to my teeth falling out and being so weak sometimes I cant even stand. I look foward to getting old. I just dont know if im going to make it or not.


Married June 10th 2013 - The happiest day of my life. To the greatest man besides my father that I have ever known.
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